Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY: Crop Top out of an old T-shirt

Last weekend’s 70-degree temperatures got me in the mood for spring. I started going through my closet and pulling out all of my favorite dresses and shorts, but just like with any new season I started longing for new clothes. Instead of going shopping I decided to get creative and turn old clothes into new.
This season a huge trend is crop tops. They were a big hit at the spring New York Fashion Week last fall, and I’m starting to see them pop up in boutiques and street styles. They go perfect with a pair of high-waisted shorts or a skirt, and give off a super-cute vintage, summertime feel.
But who knew it was so easy to make one out of an old T-shirt? I put together a DIY project with step-by-step instructions to make your very own crop top out of an old T-shirt. Have fun!

Step one: The first step in making your crop top is getting out any wrinkles in the shirt. Then lay the shirt out flat, and sit in a comfortable position where you can cut evenly.

Step two: Now it’s time to cut away. Start by cutting off the sleeves, and then the neck, leaving about two inches of fabric like a tank top. Then cut out a half-circle shape on the bottom of the shirt.
Note: As you wear the top the edges will probably curl up. Cut the center shorter for this reason. This will also give it that crop look.
Step three: After your shirt is cut to your liking, flip it over. Take the ribbon or lace and tie the back shoulders together super-tight. Make sure you are tying close to the seams of the shirt.
Note: If you do not have ribbon or lace you can use scraps of the shirt for this part. Just make sure to cut the scraps into long strips.
Step four: Pair your new crop top with a pair of high-waisted shorts and a bandeau for a cute springtime look. Enjoy!

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