Friday, December 28, 2012

Kate: The Kate Moss Book

Rebel, unique beauty, grunge queen, and my all time favorite fashion icon, the ‘90s child in me couldn’t help but snag a copy of Kate Moss’s self written book Kate: The Kate Moss Book.
Inside her newest book you will find 400 pages of photographs, editorials, and stories from the almost three decades she was a part of the fashion industry, all the way from Kate in her teenage years to the present. This coffee table book is really a piece of art in itself and is highly retrospective of the model.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meditation: Tips and Tricks for a Beginner

The purpose of asana, or the physical practice, in yoga is to ready your body for sitting meditation.

Meditation used to be my least favorite part of yoga. I heard many people rant and rave about the practice, and all of the benefits that came along with it. But to me the thought of sitting in the same position for a long period of time seemed like torture, and I was fearful of silence for too long. 

As my asana and pranayama practice has grown so has my meditation. I now find myself loving and craving it; It really allows my mind to be cleansed and purified from all the distractions in daily life. 

Through mediation I become an observer of my mind, like an outsider looking in to my own thoughts. As my mind goes blank, I look into my third eye and feel my intuition, finding control to my reactions and awareness to what is really going on inside. Answers can truly be found in silence, but you won't find them unless you try first. 

Here are some tips and tricks I have learned through my journey of meditation that will hopefully help you on your journey. Take what you need, and leave behind what you don't to find your own inner peace.

De Anastacia

From drawings to photographs, the magazine industry has reached a new era. Photo by Natasha Wilson.
Fashion magazines have always been illustrated, but not until the end of the nineteenth century was the medium switched over from drawings to photographs. Photographs brought the pages to life– unlike the drawings– and inspiration flourished creating a whole new industry.
In today’s image-based and virtual culture, photos are spread like wildfire. Instead of having a monthly editorial in a magazine, editorials and look-books are posted weekly and sometimes even daily.
Designers and stores are using the medium more than ever to display and sell their merchandise. Fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle depend on pictures as much as words; photographers are in the same league as the designers and writers.
In this fast past society it is important to stay fresh and innovative. Fashion photography describes a generation, and trends thrive from a good spread.

DIY: Anthropologie inspired bracelet

The gift giving season has officially started, which to me usually means pulling out my craft box and putting my creative mind to use.
I was browsing through an Anthropologie catalogue and came across these stunning “pulp stone” bracelets I wanted to recreate.
They make a great gift, stocking-stuffer, friendship bracelet or accessory for yourself. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own anthropologie inspired “pulp stone” bracelet (shown below).

Anthropologie pulp stone. Photo courtesy of Anthropologie.

What you’ll need:
Super glue

Step one: Smooth out your wire into one long strand. Cut your wire so that it fits around your wrist. Once all the way around this should be good for one side of the bracelet. Fold the wire in half.

Sophia of Nasty Gal dominates fashion

Every generation has a designer/clothing company that dominates and creates the fashion scene starting with Coco Chanel in the 1920s.
Despite the provocative name and nature of Nasty Gal, it has seemed to win over and dominate ladies and fashionistas in their 20s. From 2008 (the year Nasty Gal was born) to 2011, the online clothing site saw a 10,000 percent growth curve in their sales. That’s huge. But how did they do it?
Today’s fashion has a “been there done that attitude,” and every decade seems to repeat itself more and more rapidly as time goes on; hence why vintage has become so popular.

DIY Nail Art: inspired by WAH

Nail art seems to be all of the rage right now. We owe it all to WAH-Nails, a salon on the lower east side of London.
Starting in 2005 as a magazine about ladies that were contributing to the style and music of hip-hop, they were also dedicated to providing a space for a new wave of street smart feminism. The 2008 founder, Sharmadean Reid, decided to take the nail art she and her friends were supporting to the mainstream.On August 1st 2009 WAH nails opened up their London salon, not only a space for nail art but also held record launch parties, art shows, film nights, and a community for street smart feminists. They were named one of the “15 people who will definite the future of arts in Britain” and part of the “New Generation” in Vogue magazine.
There are many ways you can give yourself “WAH” nails without taking a trip to London. Here are some tools, tips, and tricks to get yourself started.

Fall style: Gentlemans edition

1. Invest in corduroy pants
Mix it up from the usual denim pants. Corduroy is a great material for the winter months in Arizona due to its light weight material and insulation. A great color for autumn is brown if you want to stay simple, but don’t be afraid to be adventurous with colors.

Scarfs are an accessory fit for fall. Photo courtesy of Milan Fashion Week.
2. Hats, Scarfs, and Ties
Accessories are not just for ladies. Add a hat or scarf to your outfit to give yourself extra warmth and style. Wool and cotton are great materials for scarfs. Stay simple and chose a basic color like grey or navy to go with everything. If you’re feeling daring try out a pattern like plaid or paisley; they are super “in” this season.
Are you going out for the evening? Wear a tie and really look classy. Again, like with the scarfs chose a simple color or pattern. I am in favor of the skinny ties.
3. Leather
According to Milan fashion week leather is super in for fall this year. Invest in a leather jacket; do not be afraid to step away from the colors black and brown to mix it up and be unique.

How to do fall in the desert

Autumn has officially arrived. It may not feel like it with temperatures still reaching 90 degrees and no red or orange leaves in sight, but Halloween is right around the corner and it is time to start pulling out sweaters and tights.

Autumn fashion in the desert can by stylish. Photo courtesy of Free People
Unlike other climates, fall is tricky in Arizona. Back to school in most places means pulling out scarfs and jeans; summer seems to stick around here as long as it can.
My collection of warm-weather clothing outnumbers my cold-weather clothing drastically. Being an Arizona resident and fashion fanatic since 2-years-old, I have developed some tricks in incorporating fall into summertime clothing. Here are a few things you can add to your summertime wardrobe to make it ready for fall.
1. Knee-high socks and tights
Wear knee-high socks and tights with your favorite dresses and shorts. Layer the two together for a cute effect or wear them separately. This season,

Vintage Treasures in Downtown Phoenix

Funky, local and one-of-a-kind world traveler Misty Guerriero has taken vintage to a whole new level with her shop featuring items from the 60s to the early 90s.
Her shop is located in downtown Phoenix, a few blocks from the ASU downtown campus. The store is filled with unique, adorning and every occasion-inspired finds from Israel, Paris and everywhere in between.

How To Wear Vintage

Vintage clothing is always unique, thrifty and classic. Its style seems to be a major hit these days among editors, “it” girls and fashion fanatics. Vintage is where today’s fashion design thrives from, and when mixed with the right modern pieces can make one fabulous outfit.

Vintage by Kendall Rae. Photo by Gabrielle Nelson.
Sometimes sifting through endless racks of vintage: it can be a little overwhelming. Many times when you find the “perfect” piece it doesn’t end up fitting like you thought it would. As a vintage addict here are some tips and tricks I have learned from the trade on wearing and incorporating vintage style into your daily wardrobe.
1. Start Small
Jewelry, bags, belts and scarves are the easiest ways to dress up what you already have. Find the perfect vintage accessories and incorporate them into your contemporary outfit!
2. Modern meets vintage
The key to making vintage work is mixing it with contemporary pieces. Wear a vintage top with a contemporary skirt– or vise versa! Mix it up and have fun with it.