Tuesday, December 18, 2012

De Anastacia

From drawings to photographs, the magazine industry has reached a new era. Photo by Natasha Wilson.
Fashion magazines have always been illustrated, but not until the end of the nineteenth century was the medium switched over from drawings to photographs. Photographs brought the pages to life– unlike the drawings– and inspiration flourished creating a whole new industry.
In today’s image-based and virtual culture, photos are spread like wildfire. Instead of having a monthly editorial in a magazine, editorials and look-books are posted weekly and sometimes even daily.
Designers and stores are using the medium more than ever to display and sell their merchandise. Fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle depend on pictures as much as words; photographers are in the same league as the designers and writers.
In this fast past society it is important to stay fresh and innovative. Fashion photography describes a generation, and trends thrive from a good spread.
Natasha Wilson, creator of De Anastacia, is one of my favorite up and coming local photographers.
“I want my style to portray an entire story just from the feel of one photograph,” Wilson says.
Her work is unique and alive; she visually creates scenes and characters through her subjects. Her ideas and visions are very surreal and dreamlike, inspired by paintings and vintage photographs that show a deeper feeling than what is on the surface. Always visually attractive, the photos incorporate fashion effortlessly in their styling.

Photo by Natasha WIlson.
Her latest shoot looks as if it is straight out of a Vogue editorial. It started as a collaboration idea where she uses three red-headed girls that look like triplets (right) but each with an individual style. Rachel Eblin styled the ladies in unique black vintage dresses from Butter Toast Boutique and flower head pieces made by a local florist. The tones and make-up are dark, and autumn-like to fit the season. The photographs give an old time vintage feel, but still possess a strong surreal like look with the use of modern effects.
Her photographs are a good example of how photography brings fashion to life. Behind the make-up, hair and clothing there is an energy — a sweet intensity that grabs the attention of the viewer. Each turn into an art form full of their own rich context and individual beauty creating a narrative through fashion.

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