Friday, December 28, 2012

Kate: The Kate Moss Book

Rebel, unique beauty, grunge queen, and my all time favorite fashion icon, the ‘90s child in me couldn’t help but snag a copy of Kate Moss’s self written book Kate: The Kate Moss Book.
Inside her newest book you will find 400 pages of photographs, editorials, and stories from the almost three decades she was a part of the fashion industry, all the way from Kate in her teenage years to the present. This coffee table book is really a piece of art in itself and is highly retrospective of the model.
She had help writing it from Fabien Baron, Jess Hellet and Jefferson Hack.If you are unsure of who Kate Moss is, here is some background. Kate is a model, designer, and fashion icon that came into the fashion scene in the early ‘90s. The edgy, political, and not-so-shy model became one of the big faces of the “heroin chic” movement. When she was not in fashion spreads, she was featured in a number of music videos, including “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” by The White Stripes and “Something In The Way You Look Tonight” by Elton’s John. Her most recent endeavor is becoming a fashion designer for Topshop, dangerous for the wallet of any Kate Moss fan.
Courtesy of Kate: The Kate Moss Book
Courtesy of Kate: The Kate Moss Book
Included in the book are never-before seen photos of Moss; and they are not all high fashion spreads. A risqué nature is associated with many of the photos some from her personal life, many of them nude. You gain a whole new perspective of her life, from the ins and out of many relationships (including her famous love affair with Johnny Depp) to the evolution of a girl with potential to a high fashion icon.
The books features many iconic photographs by Hedi Slimane, Karl Lagerfeld, and Mario Testino, which are great inspiration for any photographer or designer.
You will find The Kate Moss Book in eight unique covers, all representing a different era of her career.

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