Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY: Anthropologie inspired bracelet

The gift giving season has officially started, which to me usually means pulling out my craft box and putting my creative mind to use.
I was browsing through an Anthropologie catalogue and came across these stunning “pulp stone” bracelets I wanted to recreate.
They make a great gift, stocking-stuffer, friendship bracelet or accessory for yourself. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own anthropologie inspired “pulp stone” bracelet (shown below).

Anthropologie pulp stone. Photo courtesy of Anthropologie.

What you’ll need:
Super glue

Step one: Smooth out your wire into one long strand. Cut your wire so that it fits around your wrist. Once all the way around this should be good for one side of the bracelet. Fold the wire in half.

Step two: If using a bead string it through the wire, and wrap it around once so it will stay. If using a charm loop the wire through one of the ends.

Step three: Measure your string to the length of one hand stretched across your body to the other hand. Fold it in half twice, so you have 4 strings to braid with.
TIP: Try to keep the strands as straight as possible so it stays clean. Taping them down might help this.

Step four: Star weaving the string through the charm/bead so they sit on either side of the wire. Now start braiding.  Take one strand, strand A, and put it over the left side and under the right side. Take the second strand, Strand B, and take it right over the right side and under the left (opposite.)
TIP:Used the mantra “over, under, over, under.”

Anthropologie bracelet: inspiration. Photo courtesy of Anthropologie.

Step five: When you are where you would like to stop tie the knot, and then flip it over and make the remaining wire into a loop (this will be for the hook.) Tie this side over the end of the wires making sure the bracelet does not scratch you.
TIP: You may want to super glue the knot to assure that it stays in place.

Step six: Now fold the remaining wire into a hook, and use the pliers to pinch the wire making a fold. Fold the wire back onto itself and then wrap with the braid so their is no exposed wire. Glue to make sure it holds, and you’re finished!
Now wrap it as a gift, or enjoy your new anthropologie inspired bracelet!

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