Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fall style: Gentlemans edition

1. Invest in corduroy pants
Mix it up from the usual denim pants. Corduroy is a great material for the winter months in Arizona due to its light weight material and insulation. A great color for autumn is brown if you want to stay simple, but don’t be afraid to be adventurous with colors.

Scarfs are an accessory fit for fall. Photo courtesy of Milan Fashion Week.
2. Hats, Scarfs, and Ties
Accessories are not just for ladies. Add a hat or scarf to your outfit to give yourself extra warmth and style. Wool and cotton are great materials for scarfs. Stay simple and chose a basic color like grey or navy to go with everything. If you’re feeling daring try out a pattern like plaid or paisley; they are super “in” this season.
Are you going out for the evening? Wear a tie and really look classy. Again, like with the scarfs chose a simple color or pattern. I am in favor of the skinny ties.
3. Leather
According to Milan fashion week leather is super in for fall this year. Invest in a leather jacket; do not be afraid to step away from the colors black and brown to mix it up and be unique.
4. Boots
Pick a sleek and simple pair of boots. Lace or no lace, preferably black or brown to match everything. Wear boots with everything casual or dressy: from a pair of jeans to dress pants.

A pair of boots fitting for both denim and dress pants are a must for autumn. Photo courtesy of Milan Fashion Week.
5. Blazers and elbow patches
Mix and match textures. Dress jeans up with a blazer for a dapper look. Colors like khaki and navy are in style for fall, along with simple patches on the elbows of a blazer or sweater.
6. Denim button ups
Wear a denim button up with a different shade of denim jeans or colored pants. Layer it with a t shirt and wear it unbuttoned or button it up all the way.

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