Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How To Wear Vintage

Vintage clothing is always unique, thrifty and classic. Its style seems to be a major hit these days among editors, “it” girls and fashion fanatics. Vintage is where today’s fashion design thrives from, and when mixed with the right modern pieces can make one fabulous outfit.

Vintage by Kendall Rae. Photo by Gabrielle Nelson.
Sometimes sifting through endless racks of vintage: it can be a little overwhelming. Many times when you find the “perfect” piece it doesn’t end up fitting like you thought it would. As a vintage addict here are some tips and tricks I have learned from the trade on wearing and incorporating vintage style into your daily wardrobe.
1. Start Small
Jewelry, bags, belts and scarves are the easiest ways to dress up what you already have. Find the perfect vintage accessories and incorporate them into your contemporary outfit!
2. Modern meets vintage
The key to making vintage work is mixing it with contemporary pieces. Wear a vintage top with a contemporary skirt– or vise versa! Mix it up and have fun with it.

3. Get rid of the unnecessary
So many tops and flowy dresses feature collars, ruffles and bold prints. This is way too much as a whole! Don’t be afraid to cut off the sleeves and some frills to customize this outfit to be your own. Also recutting the neckline can be helpful and give a whole new look to the piece!
Tip: Before recutting the neckline make sure you aren’t going to ruin the fabric by cutting a little piece inside by the seam and make sure it doesn’t unravel.
4. Belt it
A lot of times I find dresses that have great print, but not so much shape. The solution: a belt! If the dress is too large in the middle fold over itself and “belt it.”
5. Find your statement piece
Find a statement piece and wear it with everything. Maybe this is a piece of jewelry or a staple bag. Just make sure its something that speaks to you!

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