Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall essential: The Backpack

Every fall there is one essential item everyone needs, a backpack.  They are large enough to fit all of your life’s belongings, hands free and snug on your back. Like a pair of shoes backpacks say a lot about one’s personality and are staple accessories that stick by your side throughout the season. Whether you opt for a brand new designer bag or find a fitting vintage rucksack it should show off the one and only you; So why not have some fun with it?

After browsing online looking for my dream bag I realized everything I took a liking to was out of my budget; so I decided to get thrifty and design my own. After finding the perfect plain black messenger bag that was calling for some character, I took a trip to SAS where I found fitting fabric and studs to start the process.

I thought it would be fun to record the process for my next blog post, and maybe inspire some of you to start creating a look of your own. Whether floral, tie dye, plaid, or a rugged there’s materials around for you. And if you don’t feel like making the trip to the fabric store you can even use one of your old t-shirts, pillow cases, or even jeans. Let’s get creative designers.

Plain bag
Hot glue gun/Fabric glue

Step one: Find the perfectly “plain” bag   

Step two: Gather and organize materials

Step three: Start laying out studs into a pattern. Don’t be afraid to mess around and experiment with different designs

Step four: Once studs are in place, start pushing them into the bag. Use the loop in the scissors to push down the edges of the studs so they stay in place

Step five: Cut the fabric into a shape that will fit over the bag

Step six: Start drawing with the sharpie different shapes you would like to put onto your new bag. Cut out these shapes and lay them out

Step seven: Glue the shapes and patterns down using hot glue or fabric glue. Make sure to smoothe the fabric out and hold until glue is dry

Step eight: Enjoy your new bag!

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