Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tempe Street Style

As the number of fashion blogs on the internet grows so does the number of street style photographs. Street style photography is exactly what it sounds like; fashion photographs taken on the street capturing what people are wearing. Unlike a magazine spread they are on the fly, casual, usually make a statement, and show how the culture of a city is styling itself. They have become extremely popular in the world of fashion magazines, blogs, and designers websites; and lets face it fashion lovers we wouldn’t put together outfits if we didn’t want to share our enthusiasm of clothing with the others that are fond of it. 

The street style movement began with photographer Bill Cunningham in the late 1970s. He would run around the streets of New York City trying to find trends among people, and clothing that he found interesting to capture and document through pictures. Looking back, Cunningham has really captured the essence of generations and the culture they possessed by linking the worlds of photojournalism and fashion photography. 

This last week I decided to take my very own street style photographs around tempe. I found 3 lovely ladies with radical outfits to take photographs of. Look out Tempe and Downtown I plan on doing this again in February. 

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